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Our primary service to property buyers and investors is the RICS HomeBuyer report - a fresh, user-friendly design, we provide a comprehensive, investigative report that is both readable and understandable.

As well as our core focus on private clients, Right Surveyors Flitwick specialises in providing equity valuations to Housing Associations.

Property valuation is often described as a mixture of a science and an art. A good valuer combines the 'science' aspect - which usually involves the analysis of comparables of a similar type, size and tenure - with the 'art' of adjusting the value to suit the exact characteristics of the subject property. The overall process can mean analysis of cost information and possible development values.

"I have many years experience in helping clients with property issues. By focusing on just the RICS HomeBuyer report and independent valuations, I can provide a competent and thorough service to all my clients.

"As a result of my in-depth knowledge of Flitwick as a valuer, many of my clients knock thousands off the price of their property and all end up with a strong understanding of their new investment."

Building Surveys and Property Services from an experienced Local Surveyor

With building surveys to suit every property and budget and our dedicated team’s extensive knowledge of Flitwick, we can provide comprehensive, quality advice you can trust. We will help guide you all the way through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level.

Property in Goldington
Property in Goldington